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Capture the West!

Are you fascinated with the West?  Do you love one-of-a-kind, bold, southwestern jewelry?  Do you want to wear jewelry that no one else has then my jewelry designs are perfect for you!      

I can totally relate!  I love western fashion, cowgirl boots, hats, big belts and of course, bold jewelry.  In my travels to Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and throughout Colorado I'm always looking for new ideas for jewelry and fashion.  I live at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado and I'm fascinated by the mountains, wide open spaces and a western way of life.  


The inspirations for my designs come from my love for all things western, rocks and color.  I get so excited when I think about the possibilities of combining stones into gorgeous jewelry. I feel like I'm painting with rocks because I work with so many different types of stones - dinosaur bone, turquoise, spiny oyster, name it.   Inlay jewelry is my passion and I look forward to every piece that I make.    There are so many beautiful colors in Dinosaur Bone and the cellular structure gives wonderful contrast in inlay jewelry.  


From a young age of 5 years old, my creative journey began with my first design that sold! I designed and crafted these cute little fish from fishnet, fish eyes and beads. My mother took them to work and sold 10 of them for .50 cents each. I was hooked.

However, my desire to express myself with my hands began prior to that. You see, my parents were Deaf and I was their voice. Sign language was my first language so communicating for my parents and being able to express came through my hands.

They signed to me from the beginning. I didn’t know anything besides their hands. Hands were everything to me. My father was incredibly talented with his hands. He could create anything! I learned from him how to build things, fix things, repair things. He didn’t rely on his hearing but he relied on his touch.

I’ve always needed to create. From there, my creative passion continued into sewing and entering competitions and even making all my own clothing.

Moving to Colorado changed my life forever. Being at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, living on a small ranch and riding horses was a dream come true. All the while, I continued to pursue my passion for creativity.

I was so fortunate to take some silversmithing classes from an older gentleman who taught me the basics and from there I took off. I also learned lapidary from an older woman and the ideas for combining my love for these two mediums began to merge.

Being close to incredible rock shows and rock hounding has cemented my love for rocks, color and jewelry design. Inlay jewelry is my passion! I feel like I’m painting with rocks.

I credit my unusual childhood with giving me resourcefulness, courage and creativity, and there’s not a thing about it I would change. At the same time, many of the details of my upbringing astound even me!

My hallmark stamp (above) is a horse head with my initials "PAH" in the mane.  That's me moving cows on one of my favorite horses: Bud.  He and Cash were both Quarter Horses and the love of my life.  Unfortunately, they've both passed on to pastures in the sky.  But my love for horses, dogs and cats lives on.   I do have an adorable Australian Shepherd "Mitzi", a very ornery cat "Pearl" and my latest reservation dog rescue "Buddy".  I fostered and quickly adopted this sweet boy from the Gallup area.  You can read more about him in my blog post. 

Here are some behind the scenes of my shop where I make my jewelry.  It's a wonderful space that I truly love!  It's peaceful, looks out on the Rocky Mountains, Elk in my backyard and it is complete bliss!  If you are ever in the area, please stop by for a visit. 

Having a hard time deciding what stone or jewelry piece to order?  To help you identify the perfect stone for you, I have a download  file that will help you understand different types of stones.  From there, you can either fill out a Custom Jewelry form and we can work together on your perfect design or you can shop directly from my website.  






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