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Rescued! Not sure if he rescued me or I rescued him??

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Nearly one month ago, I decided to foster a puppy from RezDawgs Rescue group. A portion of my sales goes to support this wonderful organization. They have transported over 10,000 animals from reservations primarily around Gallup, NM. They also send food and supplies and provide no-cost spay and neuter for animals in that area. I spent some time on the reservation and was so upset when I saw the condition of so many dogs and after that experience, I decided I had to get involved. Since then (4 years ago), I've primarily given money and jewelry for auctions and it wasn't until recently, that I got up the courage to foster. I mentioned this to my husband and he laughed and said "well, I'll support you but I know this dog won't be going anywhere except right here!" Well, I tagged this sweet, young 5-6 month old Aussie mix. He certainly would have been euthanized within a few days so it was critical that I tag him. He arrived late on a Friday night in a transport van, skinny, dirty and scared to death. Later that evening, after a frantic bath, he laid in my arms and slept. Of course, I decided to keep him and rename him "Buddy". He came at a time when I truly needed him. I had a very unfortunate accident late in August that has caused me to rethink what was important in my life and fostering a dog from the reservation was on my bucket list. As I write this, Buddy is at my feet, adoring me. He can't stop following me around the house and I swear he has gained over 10 pounds. Consider rescue, foster, volunteering or donating to this wonderful rescue group or one of your choice.

Buddy, Mitzi & Pearl (the cat)

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