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If you have a piece in mind or would like a custom piece similar to something you’ve seen on my website or something in your mind’s eye, I would love to work with you.  The entire process typically takes 2-4 weeks for the design, and depending on the complexity of the piece, another 2-4 weeks for completion. 


We will work directly either by phone or email to design a piece.    Once we have some ideas, in mind, I’ll send you some photos or drawings.  We will also select different types of stones, colors, size.  I accept payments on custom orders.  Please click below for more information.


2. Price Determined  

This will depend on the size of the pieces, what stones are selected, complexity, etc. 

1. Design Consultation

We will meet in person or on the phone.  We can also use email and text messages.  I’ll guide you through the process by showing you samples and photos of other pieces that I’ve made.    You can also share photos of pieces that you’ve seen or have in mind. 

3. Deposit Collected   

A 20% deposit is required before the project is started and is non-refundable.  The remainder will be collected once the piece is completed. 

4. Piece is Fabricated and Completed

The time to complete this piece will vary.   It will depend on the complexity of your design and my current projects ahead of yours.  I will send you photos of the piece as it is being completed so you will know what is going on.   This is the fun part!

What can I create for you? 

Thank You!

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