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Customer Testimonials

Alan from Florida wrote:  "She's the American dream: her success comes honestly, from work hard developing her talent while practicing her art and providing value to people. 
Not looking to hustle folks and doesn't cut corners to make "big scores" off uneducated buyers.

We need more Peggy's"  







Lana from Oklahoma wrote:  "Another beautiful piece of Peggy's creations.  This horse head is awesome!  Carved from marble and placed on silver.  I just love it!  Thank you Peggy Houchin"


Jim from Loveland wrote:

“I am totally enjoying the beautiful cuff. My family and many of my friends have admired it. It is so beautiful and I have you to thank. Sometimes I just sit and look at the beautiful colors and admire the exquisite artisanship. Love it!!! Thank you”.   JIm and I worked on this Turquoise inlay cuff that he wanted to match a ring that he had for many years.  



Julie from Texas wrote:  

"I love my beautiful cross necklace!  My husband had it custom made for me for my special Christmas gift.  My absolute favorite!"



Jimi from Fort Morgan wrote:

"I love my new pendant!  Thank you so much.  I got lots of compliments on it today while riding and roping"

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