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Foster Puppies!!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

As many of you may know,

I fostered 2 puppies from the Navajo nation reservation.  They came to me starved, had rickets and mange and were seriously neglected.  Here's a photo of me and the pups (Bubba on the left and Sister on the right).  They are fat, healthy and full of life.  Bubba was adopted by a wonderful family last week and is doing great!  While I miss him terribly, I also decided to adopt Sister!  In these tough times, reach out and help each other or animals in need.  You will feel better about everything if you do!!  Focus on what's important!  This soon will all pass and we will be better for it.  Hugs and peace to all of you! A portion of my sales goes to RezDawg Rescue. Please consider fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating to this wonderful organization.

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