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Denver Gem Show Finds

Covid has hit us all hard but I was so thrilled to be able to go to the Denver Gem Show this past weekend! I haven't been to many shows over the past 2 years because most of them were cancelled. I was able to meet up with David Otteson (Otteson family that is one of the top Turquoise dealers and miners in the world). Anyway, David is the nicest man and he knew I was coming. (I gave him lots of hints) SO, he saved some amazing cabs for me! Easter Blue, Royston, Ribbon Turquoise and a new find which I have fallen in love with AUSTRALIAN VARISCITE! OMG! Thats the long skinny cabs int he photo at the top. Gorgeous material and I can see LOTS of opportunity to dress these babies up! Getting out again has been amazing and I'm so thankful that we are having that chance again. Sure hoping that things don't lock down again. Unfortunately, my big Buffalo Bill show was cancelled but I was able to attend the Gem Show instead! So, all in all, it turned out great. If any of these cabs speak to you, contact me right away. Several of them are nearly spoken for!!!

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