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What 5 Words Describe You?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Try to describe myself in 5 words? I can think of 50 words but I only get 5. Ok, here I go....1. Sensitive. I get my feelings hurt pretty easily, and I really want to be accepted and liked, and I love animals and want to rescue everyone of them. Does that fall under sensitive? I think there's 3 words in this group.

2. Determined. I am determined to get jewelry made, exercise, have fun while I'm doing it and set goals. Oops...I think I went into goal oriented is that another one?

3. Creative. I love to design jewelry and polish rocks. My creative journey started at 5 when I designed these cute little fish soap and my mom took them to work and sold 10 for .50 cents. Then I was hooked! 4. Focused. Well, I am writing this blog post so I'm focused right? I'm focused on making jewelry but I can't focus on cleaning my house! But determined and focused sound too much alike...oh well! Now I only have one left so this needs to be really good! 5.....thinking.......................ilikegoodmusicmitzistevetravelrocksdinosaurboneturquoisefoodsilvereaglesbirdselkrockymountainsartcoloradowyoming. What 5 words describe you? The more we understand each other, the better. We are all very complicated people and trying to describe ourselves in 5 words is extremely hard but it does make us think. Thanks for reading this blog post and let me know your 5 words. Sign up for updates and exclusive access at

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