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Nature is so amazing!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

I'm so fortunate to live near the Rocky Mountains. I love watching the wildlife that live near my home. Nature is such an inspiration to me and what I do everyday. This is one of the reasons that I appreciate rocks. It's all a part of nature and I have the privilege of using them in my jewelry. Early this morning, a herd of about 150 elk were going crazy near my house. I couldn't figure out why so I got out my binoculars and saw this young Spike following them. He had some sort of netting mixed with hay or straw hooked to his antlers. The more he followed the herd, the faster they ran. Fortunately, he was so exhausted that he laid down. I was able to capture this amazing photo of him. I watched him for a while and somehow, he was able to pull the netting off and move on. What a sight to see and luckily, a happy ending. As I see Colorado changing and more and more people moving into this state, we are pressuring the wildlife. More and more elk are hanging out where I live which is wonderful for me but not all my neighbors agree. Learn to appreciate what we have around us. The elk were here way before we were and we have to learn to live together.

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