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Rockhounds are the Nicest People!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

I've met the nicest people through rocks. Whether I attended a rock show, jewelry event or out 'rockhounding' with my local rock group, the friendships I have created mean the world to me. Rockhounds are also extremely generous! They love to share their treasures with each other. When I have an event selling my jewelry, I have a box full of polished rocks that adults and kids can take their pick! I love to see their eyes light up when I tell them that they can take a rock for free from the box. Sometimes, it takes them a long time to decide which "one" they want and it makes me smile. This past weekend, I had a Jewelry trunk show in Saratoga, Wyoming and an older gentleman came into the store and we started talking 'rocks'. He was a lifetime Rockhound and showed me his 'pocket rock' which was a shiny, black Obsidian with a rather sharp point that he had found many years ago. He asked me if I wanted some rocks because he had way too many and I said 'of course'. He brought me a box that weighed over 60 pounds and it was full of various agates and jaspers that he had collected over the years. And, he also gave me his pocket rock. He said that he had carried this rock throughout his years in Vietnam. So, now, I tear up and have to take a minute because this was a complete stranger but through our mutual love of rocks, he shared one of his treasures. There are many more stories I could share of Rockhounds and their generosity, but the point of this blog is that 'paying it forward' and sharing our treasures whether they are rocks or anything else makes the world a much better place.

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