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Hallmark? Is that the card company?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This is the mark that I stamp on all of my jewelry
Peggy Ann Houchin Hallmark Stamp

About a year ago, I received a Facebook message from Bille Hougart that he wanted to include my hallmark in his next edition (4th) of his book titled "Native American & Southwestern Silver Hallmarks". He said that he had seen my work posted on Facebook. My first reaction was "I'm not Native American" and he said that was fine and he wanted to include every competent silver or metalsmith doing good work, Native American, Anglo or whatever provided the work was Southwest style. Of course, I jumped at the chance to be included and the book just came out last week. I cried when I saw my entry on page 160 and I am beyond honored to be included among some of the best Native American silversmiths (both dead and living) today.

Hallmarks are stamps used to identify the maker of the jewelry piece. According to Hougart, identifying jewelry didn't begin until early 1930. "Up to, and shortly after, World War II most jewelry-makers remained anonymous craftsmen to the majority of non-native consumers".

My Hallmark is a horse head with my initials PAH in the mane for Peggy Ann Houchin. It was created by "Ernie" who worked at Indian Jeweler's Supply in Gallup. We worked together on an idea and when he sent me the design , I was over the moon! It fit me perfectly. I've always loved horses and they have played a big part in my life since I was a teenager. I've owned some amazing horses over the years and it has molded my life and who I am today. I'm extremely proud of my Hallmark and I hope that years to come, people will see my hallmark and be able to research me in Bille's book.

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