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Dinosaur Bone

I love working with Dinosaur Bone and including it in my jewelry.  You’ll see that I use it quite a bit in my inlay pieces.  The reasons I love it are its color, cell structure, variety and hardness.  It takes a beautiful polish and can typically be a 7 on the Moh’s scale.

Agatized Dinosaur Bone is basically fossilized bone from Dinosaurs or other creatures that roamed the earth about 160 million years ago!  The cells are replaced with quartz and the color in bone is from minerals and impurities that surrounded the bone in the soil.  Colors range pastels to black with yellow being the most sought after and most valuable.  

Most of the best bone has been collected in Utah and Colorado, however, it is illegal to collect on State or Federal lands.

Bone can be purchased from many dealers.    Prices vary and can be quite high for certain colors and cell structure.  The larger cell structured bone and brighter colors can be anywhere from $500-$2000 a pound.

The cuffs you see to the right are all gembone and shows all the variety of colors and cell structures.  These were a custom order for a husband and wife and can be ordered to your wrist size and color preference.   Please check out my Dinosaur Bone Jewelry page for items that are for sale or we can work on a custom order

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