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Some cultures view the Elk as a spirit guide, symbolizing pride, strength and stamina. Often grazing in my own backyard frontier, I can’t help but feel the presence of this incredible creature everywhere I go. It’s my constant reminder to take stock of my surrounds and all the magic nature holds.  We western women and women are strong. We’re proud, and we’re powerful.


Created from Elk Ivory, provided by you or my personal collection, this antler shed pendant is your personal symbol of power and pride. Order today for yourself, or as the perfect gift for someone special. 


I can prepare your elk ivory for setting or you can provide your own.   If I provide the ivory, the price will increase and will depend on the size and color of the ivory that you choose.   Includes adjustable sterling silver chain.   Also can specify right or left antler and type of bale.  

Elk Antler with Elk Ivory setting (Custom Order)

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