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Elk are often grazing in my backyard.  I am so fortunate to see these magnicent creatures.  I've even had them looking in my front door.   Mitzi has been known to just lay down and watch them.  


Among North American animals, only walruses and elk have ivory teeth. In walruses these are tusks, but in elk they are anatomically similar to the remaining teeth. These ivories, also called "buglers" or "whistlers," rest in the maxilla, or upper jaw, on each side of the incisors, or front teeth. 


If you have experienced a memorable elk hunt, then capturing these ivories in a piece of jewelry will remind you of great times!  I will prepare your elk ivories and set them into this beautiful ring.  


And join me on Instagram (peggyhouchinjewelry) where you’ll find behind the scenes and new collection releases. See you there! 

Elk Ivory & Elk Casting Ring (Custom Order)

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