Powerful Beauty Show at Independence Gallery

One of my Dinosaur Bone cuffs will be featured in the show "Powerful Beauty" that is running at Independence Gallery from April 12-May 6th. I've been an artist at Independence Gallery in downtown Loveland, Colorado, for around 4 years now. Billie Colson is the owner and has the best shows! She challenges us all to think outside the box and create a piece of art that meets a theme. I've always tried to participate and it definitely makes me THINK above and beyond my normal designs. This month was kind of easy for me because I instantly came up with one of my Dinosaur Bone cuffs for this show. What other stone can really say "Powerful Beauty" than Dinosaur Bone!! I'm so fortunate to be part of this gallery among many talented artists! Hope you can come down and see the wide array of extremely interesting art!

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